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If you're looking for a 24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Lower Chorley, or a 24 hour Call Out Electrician in Lower Chorley, then you've come to the right place

Emergency Electrician Lower Chorley

If you need a 247 Emergency Electrician in Lower Chorley, then give us a call. We are on standby for any local emergency electrician call outs across Lower Chorley. 

We are proud of our fast emergency response rate in Lower Chorley and we aim to get to you in the shortest possible time. We understand emergencies can’t wait. Our goal is to reach a clients property between 30 to 90 minutes from the initial call. Sometimes we might get to you quicker, sometimes it might take slightly longer depending on our workload. 

Our contracted 247 electrician is fully qualified, professional and takes great pride in his work. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority – You’re in safe hands! Even though our urgent electrician is based in Dudley, we come out to and cover Lower Chorley and all surrounding areas.

24 hour Emergency Electricians Lower Chorley

We are open around the clock – all day and everyday, up to 95% of the time. Got an emergency in the middle of the night? Or has has electrical fault just popped up and you need an emergency electrical service in Lower Chorley? Then just give us a call for a rapid response across all of Lower Chorley. 

One the odd occasion, we might miss a call – please ring us back as we might be on another line.

There are many hazards and electrical dangers around the home. Sometimes you might be tempted to try to fix or repair an electrical fault on your own. According to the UK Government, there were 7,000 cases of fire caused by misuse of equipment or appliance. So electrical dangers are real. So call us if you are looking for an ’emergency electrician near me’  and avoid risky DIY.

Lower Chorley Emergency Services

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Electrical Fault Finding

Our same day electrician is an expert in electrical fault finding. If you can’t find where the fault is, let us investigate. 

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Lighting Repair

On rare occasions light bulbs have known to burst. If this happens to you, call us straight away and we’ll send out an after hours electrician to Lower Chorley.

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Emergency Electrical Repairs

We also deal with fuse box repairs, alarm repairs, and all other emergency electrical repairs. We can help if you need an emergency commercial electrician in Lower Chorley

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We can install new sockets and repair burst ones (it does happen!). We are open on weekends, so if you need a Saturday electrician/Sunday electrician, call us.

6 Possible Electrical dangers in Lower Chorley Homes

Let’s face it; we can’t live without electricity in our homes. However, there are several different potential electrical dangers that could be lurking in your home. If not remedied in a timely fashion, these electrical safety hazards can pose a threat to your property, valuables and, of course, the safety of your loved ones. Thankfully, being aware of these electrical dangers is the first step in avoiding an electrical accident from taking place in your home.

We are going to look at the 6 most common electrical dangers that can arise in your house. We’ll also touch a bit on the benefits of hiring a professional electrician or an out of hours electrician to help fix.

(1) Defective Wires and Poor Wiring

Poor quality wiring that’s not up to industry standards can pose a great safety danger. And may lead to arch faults, power surges, fires, and other serious electrical injuries. That’s why electrical wiring should not be done by every layman. Instead, you should hire a well-trained, certified, and licensed 24hr electrician with years of experience of delivering top-notch wiring work.

On the same note, corroded, cracked, worn out or damaged electrical cables/wires can be other serious electrical hazards in your home. If not checked and rectified, these faulty wires can increase the chance of an electrical accident happening. If you suspect that this is the case, don’t hesitate to call in our 24 hour emergency electrician serving Lower Chorley when you need an electrical contractor in Lower Chorley.

(2) Overheated Electrical Cords or Wires

If you plug a power-hungry appliance into a low-rated socket, the chances are that the electrical cords and wires will get overheated. If you leave the overheated wires or cords plugged in, you may be courting an electrical accidents like fire, shocks, and so forth. As such, you need to replace old sockets, upgrade your appliances, and always stay away from faulty or overheated wires. 

(3) Faulty Appliance

Appliances with loose plugs, frayed wiring or exposed/naked wires can pose an electrocution danger. To keep your loved ones safe and prevent your property from getting gutted down, please dispose of or repair any faulty appliance. Of course, don’t try to repair the appliance on your own, unless you’re a certified electrician. Get the assistance of a emergency call out electrician.

(4) Outlets Exposed to Water

Water and electricity don’t mix. Electrical outlets in your kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas of your home should avoid water contact. They should be located far from a water source like a sink, faucet or bath. If your outlets are exposed to water, you or your loved ones risk being electrocuted.

As a rule of thumb, never use an electrical device on a wet surface or close to the pool. There was the recent sad story regarding a young girl being electrocuted, when her phone which was charging, fell into the bath. Don’t risk it.

(5) Uncovered Outlets in a Home with Babies

Babies and toddlers are a curious bunch. If your electrical outlets or sockets are not baby proofed or at least covered, that’s a big no-no. Your little ones can stick their fingers, spoons and other objects into the gaps.

(6) Overheating Lights and Bulbs

Lights are a life-saver. However, if they are prone to overheating, they should be kept at a safe distance from flammable stuff like beddings, drapes, aerosol sprays, leatherworks, and so on. If these materials come in contact with the already overheated bulbs, they can spark into an electrical fire (if you do have an electrical fire, call the fire brigade and never put water on it).

Be on the Safe Side – Hire the Best 24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Lower Chorley

Electrical hazards are best remedied before they turn into something ugly, messy, and costly. While you might attempt to do it yourself to save a few quid, don’t. There are plenty of no-brainer reasons why you need to call in an expert 24 hr electrician serving Lower Chorley:

Safety – When it comes to electrical dangers, your safety and the safety of your family and your property is on the line. There’s no room for error because any DIY electrical accident can be devastating.

Save money – Trying to do it yourself can make the situation worse, costing more money to repair it professionally.

Equipment – A good out of hours electrician has the right tools for troubleshooting and making repairs.

Expertise – Obviously, an experienced emergency electrician has the right expertise, knowledge, and techniques to get the job done right the first time.

Peace of Mind – Our contracted call out electrician operating across Lower Chorley is certified and fully insured for an added layer of protection. So call us if you need a 24 hour electrician in Lower Chorley.